The city has over 30 miles of beaches which attract tourists with different areas of interest and age. Some look for water sports, some for a place for family outing, some for a place to just sit alone and relax and others for fun. Alas! There is no single beach which can provide you complete satisfaction with all of these moods simultaneously. Certainly you can’t go to a crowded place to relax where parties or some kind of sports are going on. So, the idea of enjoying all these is the real secret. The choice of the beach needs to be correct. Here’s is the cheat list of secrets of some Galveston beaches.

Choose your destination according to the purpose wisely.
For enjoying Scenic beauty- Palm Beach at moody gardens is surrounded by waterfalls and exotic landscaping. Relax in soft sand after dipping in crystal clear fresh water lagoons and enjoy the nature.

For family outing- If you are planning a family outing, Stewart beach is probably the best beach to visit at. During summers, volleyball tournaments and other competitions catch a special attention of children and teenagers. If you are looking for less crowded and more peaceful beaches for “relaxing family fun” then west of seawall would be the right choice. You can go for pirates’ or Indian or any other beach there. The place includes just the perfect blend of seating arrangement and eating facilities with barbecues being the special attraction.

For hanging out with friends or party- if you are a party animal then this is the right place to bang your head. It is not only the largest by area but also by the fun it will provide you. If you have reached the place while hanging out with friends then this would do wonders to you. Many outdoor concerts, live band performances, bikini contests and many other activities are the special attractions.
For relaxing- if you want a peaceful environment then a beach pocket right in between the above two beaches would do.

Besides Galveston beach parks, the city offers some other tourist attractions which include “Moody Gardens”, “Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Water Park” and tours to one of the six historian districts to get a better insight into the city’s history.

Galveston is at its best almost throughout the year. The average temperature in summers is 30 degree Celsius which is quite warm. In winters the average temperature is 15 0C which falls below 10 0C in January.