Corpus Christi, initially Kinney’s ranch or Kinney’s trading spot, is a coastal city situated in the far South of Texas. Corpus Christi, which was founded as a trading spot in 1839, was finally incorporated and named Corpus Christi in 1852. Corpus Christi, which is to locals as “Corpus” is a stunning port town. It features quite a number of renovated historical buildings, particularly around the Heritage Park, intriguing museums, and an extensive variety of travel destinations and attractions. Corpus Christi has desirable proximity with South Padre Island, which is popular for over seventy miles of enthralling coastal areas and sandy beaches.

Corpus city is particularly popular for humid subtropical climate, which is characterized by exceedingly short mild winters and incredibly long hot summers. This area is normally very windy throughout the year, with the routine wind gust often striking more than forty miles per hour. In September, 2000, Corpus Christi recorded the highest temperature in the area of forty three degrees Celsius. Usual temperatures in the city of are between 21 to 29 degrees Celsius. The city’s climate is quite good, a reason why tourists flock the region throughout the year.

Corpus Christi possesses various conditions that create the ultimate vacation getaway. They include intriguing beaches, enthralling attractions and exhilarating activities to engage the whole family in. You can spend an unforgettable day at the beach soaking up the beautiful sunrays, or if you are the adventurous type, wind surfing would be your best bet. The Texas State Aquarium is a fabulous place to visit, particularly the new Dolphin Bay, which houses a specific type of dolphins that cannot survive in open water. The USS Lexington, a renowned aircraft carrier in the US Naval history, is also a terrific site.

Corpus Christi has stunning flora and fauna in its Botanical gardens, which is particularly intriguing to stroll through. It also offers some of the best Museums in the coast of Texas including the Asian Cultures Museum and the Art of Museum of South Texas. These Museums offer an extensive selection of artwork housed in sophisticated and impressive buildings. At the Museum of science and history, Pinta and Santa Maria, are housed with the sole intention of commemorating them as the two ships Columbus utilized to sail the new world.

A vacation at Corpus Christi is undoubtedly an enthralling experience, from the succulent seafood cuisine to the intriguing nightlife. It houses the historic Harbor Playhouse, which offers all travelers and locals a delightful and original theater. The city is the home of the famous Midget Ocean racing Fleet, which allows visitors to sail in the coastal bend. Corpus Christi offers a wide array of natural attractions which are obviously intriguing and utterly unique. With the overwhelming activities including bird watching, surfing, beach combing, sightseeing, hiking, swimming, this place is undeniably an attractive vacation destination for people of many interests.