Redwood State Park was first established in 1921 to save the old growth redwood forests that were being cut down by logging companies at an alarming rate. Humboldt Redwood State Park is one of California’s largest state parks made up of 51,000 acres, of which 23,600 acres are old growth redwoods. This is the largest contiguous ancient redwood forest in the world. Today it is estimated that more than 95% of all the old growth redwoods have been cut down and destroyed. Most of the few remaining old growth redwoods are in parks like this.

Some of these ancient giants tower more than 300ft tall and are over 25ft wide. Many of these trees are more than 2000 years old. They are so tall that they can only survive in special climates where there is enough moisture in the air to give water to the tops parts of the trees. Humboldt Redwood State Park is one of these special climates where there is enough rain and coastal fog for these great trees flourish.

At the edge of the redwoods on the coast, there are some nice recreational beaches. Some of the more popular beaches are along Patrick’s Point including Agate Beach where the shores have a good amount of agates. Many people like to visit agate beach and spend the day looking through the sand and searching for agates. Abalone Beach is also popular with the beach combers as there are often nice Abalone shells lying around.

If a person spends some time looking around, they can find some great little hidden beaches along this part of the coast. Some of the more secluded beaches require a hike, but the scenic hike can be the best part of the trip. As you hike through sound absorbing ancient redwood forests and giant ferns, you feel like you are in secluded area miles from civilization. Waterfalls, ocean cliffs, and dense forest make this unbelievable country.

There are a few different campgrounds in Redwood State Park. All of the campgrounds are developed with drinkable water, bathrooms, and around 250 different campsites per campground. They are very popular during the summer months and are often full, but you can make reservations in advance to guarantee your spot.

This area of the coast supports very spectacular wildlife such as Roosevelt Elk, the largest elk in North America. Steller Sea Lions are some of the largest seals growing up to 11ft long and almost 1000lbs. The spotted owl lives in the rare habitat of old growth redwood forest and is almost endangered due to the limited amount of habitat available. Many other amazing animals make redwood forest area their home.

Weather in this part of the coast is usually cool and often foggy and rainy. The average temperature is usually around 40F in the winter months and 60-70F during the summer. The summer climate can be very refreshing. While most places have uncomfortably high temperatures, this part of the coast will usually stay nice and cool. In the winter (November – March), it is not uncommon to have little or no sunshine for days or weeks at a time.

The Humboldt Redwoods are a very special and amazing place and can offer a visitor many wonderful experiences.