Kauai is a true coastal paradise with 50 miles of white sand beaches, clear tropical waters, and a near perfect climate. Around most of the island, just a few steps in to the water, you will find clear snorkeling and diving full of tropical fish and an abundance of other ocean life. On land you will find a huge collection of waterfalls, exotic plants and trees.

The beaches on Kauai are absolutely world class. They have it all: snorkeling, diving, surfing, sun bathing, beach combing, camping, etc. Almost any beach activity you can think of, you can do on Kauai.

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On Kauai, the warm white sands, average 80-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and rich natural diversity make relaxing on the beach, outdoor recreation and sightseeing ideal activities.

The east side of the island is the tropical side with waterfalls, steams and tropical plants covering most of it. You can find short walks into the forest to long overnight treks down the Na pali coast. The highest point on Kauai is Mount Waiʻaleʻale in the middle of the island. The top of this peak is the wettest spot on Earth with an average rainfall of 460 inches. The almost constant everyday, all day rain feeds the many streams and water falls that run all over Kauai.

The west side of Kauai is the dry side with parts that receive as little as 13 inches of rain a year. You are almost guaranteed a sunny day on the Westside of the island with only the possibility of a few “Kona storms” that hit the west side in the winter. These are storms that come on to the island from the west side. The west side has some drier desert-like hills and plains lined with great sand beaches and swimming reefs.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and the most northern island on the chain. Being the oldest island has given Kauai time to wear down and the lava time to turn to rich volcanic soil that makes everything thrive on this island. Most of the time, Kauai is referred to as the “garden island” because of its rich soil and great climate. Almost any plant species that has been introduced on this island has flourished. All over the island, you will find a rich growth of normal and exotic plants and trees that have found their way to Kauai and flourished; even on the desert side of the island you will find many plants and trees growing.

The waters around Kauai are usually around 74 degrees Fahrenheit and clear and blue. You can find everything from gentle, calm, protected reefs for kids to play in to monster 70-foot world-class surfing waves.

There are many great snorkeling and swimming spots for families and visitors to explore with a huge variety of fish and ocean life. With just a basic snorkel mask, a person can take a swim and see a colorful array of fish and marine life in the waters of Kauai. Past the protected swimming reefs, you can find an abundance of the deep-water life such as sharks, seals and whales. For the surfers, Kauai offers some great world class waves from small kiddie waves to giant waves that will make the most skilled and fearless surfers shake their heads and sit on the beach.

Kauai is a very rich island. While it is small in size, it is packed with many things for visitors to see, explore, and experience.