Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach is a nine-mile stretch along the Pacific Ocean. Cannon Beach has one of the best views of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

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Kailua Kona Hawaii

Kailua Kona has clear sunny days almost every day and has great swimming, snorkeling and other beach activities, which makes it the main

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Redwood State Park

At the edge of the redwoods on the coast, there are some nice recreational beaches. Some of the more secluded beaches require a hike

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Hidden beach is a small collection of nice coastal areas and beaches for people who want to visit the coast and experience the beach and the natural environment. Hidden beach is for people who want to hike down a beach and look for shells, watch the sunset over the ocean next to a campfire, watch birds catch fish or maybe just relax and hear nothing but the waves breaking.

Finding nice beaches that are accessible and have not been exploited, devolved and overcrowded is getting harder to do. The internet and relatively inexpensive air travel has made it easy to buy a vacation package, jump on a plane and go sit on a crowded beach, but for many of us, this is not a vacation or an escape, it is just another day in the rat race. We can stay home if we want crowds and neighbors.

Coastal areas are usually very rich places where land meets the ocean, many coastal areas are special environments that only exist at the ocean’s edge, and you will find life that only exists in these special environments. Sometimes the moisture in the air will support rare environments such as redwood forests or estuaries where rivers meet the ocean supporting flora and fauna that has adapted to live in this specific environment.

Most of costal wildlife is migratory so some areas can change drastically with the seasons. Some can almost empty and be vacant of wildlife for parts of the year and then explode with breeding populations other times of the year.

You won’t see very many popular and crowded beaches on this website. Those beaches already have plenty of information on them, and we are not interested in crowds and commercialized tourist traps. We have tried to highlight beaches that are fairly easy to get to and are either free or have a small entry fee. Most of the beaches that are accessible to the people in general are public land owned by the county or state governments. A few beaches have fees and many are free. Others charge only for overnight camping or just for parking. Almost all beaches have different rules and regulations that are usually posted at the entrance or near parking. Reading the rules and regulations is recommended; a ranger with a ticket pad can put a damper on a great evening.

As you browse through the site, we hope you will find some nice places that maybe you haven’t heard of. Just remember that nice, quiet places are rare, please do your part to keep them nice.